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Corona wreaks havoc on children


Corona wreaks havoc on children
Schools will open in Rajasthan only at 50% capacity, children from 1st to 5th will not have to come to school...!

After Diwali, the state government is going to take some strict steps soon in view of the recruitment data of corona infected patients in the entire state including Rajasthan's capital Jaipur. Instructions have been given to bring the number of students coming to the institute only at 50 percent. The same, the children of classes 1 to 5 will again be completely at home Orders will be given to study online. Let us tell you that most of the school children of the wedding ceremony started after Diwali are found to be corona infected.

Student will get one more chance in RTE


Student will get one more chance in RTE
Student's result forms will be unlocked again
Under the right to education, parents have been given another opportunity, in which parents will be able to give their documents till December 20, that is, admission will be done in private schools of the state till December 20 under Right to Education,,,, in this admission process Education Department has extended the last date to check the form of students who have applied earlier, onlineDue to the change in the process of admission, a large number of school operators had rejected the forms, while they could have been admitted,,,, in such a situation, the education department has given an opportunity to accept the rejected form againDirector of Secondary Education issued order
Reject form unlocked

In the order issued by the Director of Secondary Education, during the timeframe issued for the admission of RTE in the session 2021-22, the applications which have been canceled by private schools have been re-unlocked, so that earlier Appropriate action can be taken by canceling the form accidentallyIf the RTE student does not submit the transferred copy of the application to the school by December 20, then the school will have to contact the guardian through telephone or other means in the stipulated time and inform that his form is being canceled due to lack of documents, ,, In such a situation, he will be able to submit his papers,,,, If the guardian does not support even after this, then the form can be canceledEntry of non RTE students will be done
Private schools will be able to admit RTE students according to the rules in the ratio of non-RTE students till December 20,,,, for this, entry of non-RTE students will be done as soon as the entry is done automatically by the portal, in order of seniority. RTE students will start appearing for admission in the respective school's login,,,,, all schools will now be able to ensure that the entry is made on the portal of non-RTE students.

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